Why we manage the money the way we do – epay card Prepaid Mastercard

November 27, 2017.

Losing track of cash, credit, and spending and not having the time to manage it properly, admit it, we’ve all faced this problem. Whether it’d be your student allowance or corporate salary, we all struggle to manage our money unless we find a permanent solution. epay card will provide you that solution. The epay card Prepaid Mastercard is the prepaid debit card service you want, with the security you need!

epay card is one of the best service providers with one of the best prepaid card on the offering. The epay card Prepaid Mastercard is not your ordinary prepaid card. It is a reloadable prepaid card that has worldwide coverage and support, running alongside Mastercard. The various qualities that make the epay card stand out are as follows:

Safe and secure


Money is serious business and is vulnerable to theft. epay card ensures that your money is secure with the latest technologies while guaranteeing the continuous development of their payment solutions. epay card is certified according to the highest PCI standard level, complying with over 200 different security controls. The epay card is hard and secure, and it is embossed while not featuring your name, maintaining utmost discretion. Moreover, in case of loss or theft, you can always cancel your card with immediate effect, and it’s all just a phone call away.



With epay card, what you see is what you get. This means that there are no hidden costs charged. The card is available for as cheap as €29.95, and there is no requirement for a credit history or a bank account. The epay card will act as your dedicated money card with zero annual fees for the first two years, following which it will be only €7.95 per year. Take a look at their numbers, and you will realize it is one of the cheapest prepaid cards out there.

Instant use


Unlike many other prepaid bank cards, you can easily avail your personal epay card once you buy the prepaid debit card online. To order your card, you simply fill the form available on the website after which it will be shipped within the next 24 hours. It will require no proof of income, prepayment or bank account history. The activation is easy and can be done in the login area from www.epaycardonline.com. Once your card has been activated, it is ready for use, wherever you may be in the world.

Managing your money


The important job is to manage your expenses. The epay card will not just be your money card; it will act as a check on your spending due to its pre-payment card characteristic. This means you only spend what you load or deposit in your card previously. The epay card Prepaid Mastercard can also act as your virtual prepaid card if you avail the online services provided by your very own card provider. epay card banking services include mobile integrated applications that will help you track and manage your money on the go. The award-winning banking software XPAY reduces the hassle of handling real tangible money notes and will offer services inclusive of money transfer, remote payment or direct deposit.

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