Technology and leadership combined – epay card Prepaid Mastercard

November 6, 2017.

Don’t you ever get tired of the hassle whenever you have got to track your account balance or from the stress when you’re unable to pay off your debit? Overspending is a common trait, but now there is a special solution for it.


The European leader for prepaid solutions offers you the epay card, a prepaid payment card which may seem like any other prepaid card, but it offers an unparalleled collection of services and support. Now you can be a responsible shopper ensuring you spend what you deposit. Epay card is perfect for online and offline transactions providing absolutely zero fees for purchases in your card’s currency. Not only this, there is no card activation fee or POS transaction fee making it one of the cheapest prepaid cards in the market!

The latest technology


Epay card provides its service system, that can support every browser or modern device out there. The online interface is a user-friendly solution for all your finance management needs. The highest standards of modern banking software ensure your account is safe and secure, with high-end encryption and authentication processes. The services also allow ease of bank transfers so your topping up affairs run as smooth as silk. Epay card offers many top up solutions like SOFORT, Giropay, direct deposit, Wire and SEPA transfers, at exceptionally economical rates.

Accessible globally


The epay card Prepaid Mastercard can be used in every corner of the world where Mastercard is supported. Be it at a point of sale, or withdrawal from an ATM. Its top-notch integration within the internet allows it to be accessed online and on the go. You can always feel safer using an prepaid card than carrying cash, wherever you may be in the world. You will be obviously able to use your epay card for online purchases as well wherever Mastercard is supported allowing you to shop from your favorite online websites.

Safe and secure


The epay card Prepaid Mastercard is made from high-quality plastic. It is secured with modern day encryption methods and high-level authentication that will protect it from intrusion. The fast cancellation process also ensures minimal to none damage in case of emergencies and theft. Epay card allows you to recover your money in cases of loss and theft however the same couldn’t be made possible in the case of tangible money.

How to get your epay card


You can get your epay card Prepaid Mastercard through a simple, hassle-free process. You simply visit their online website and fill the relevant form to apply for it. There is no need for an existing bank account or credit history; neither any requirement to submit documents. Once your account is registered and your epay card is activated you are free to us it wherever you want.

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