Privacy Policy

Data protection policy for your epay card Prepaid Mastercard®

This privacy policy describes how we collect, process and store usage data and user data (together “personal data”). Usage data relates to your use of our website or other services. User data is data you provide to us about yourself and that identify you when using our services.

Why we collect personal data

When you are visiting our website or a third party website to access our services or to open a user account, you may be asked to provide personal data so that we can verify your identity in accordance with legal requirements. We may ask for additional information at any time after the start of our business relationship if this is necessary for providing our services to you required by applicable laws and regulations.

If you are a registered user with a user account, we will use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. the execution of payment transactions with your epay card Prepaid Mastercard® and for the administration of your associated user account,

  2. to verify that you are the rightful account owner when you contact customer support; we may ask you to confirm to us any information you have provided during your registration,

  3. to inform you of any changes relating to your epay card Prepaid Mastercard®,

  4. to send you information about new products and services, if you have consented to receive such information,

  5. to detect or prevent fraudulent or other illegal activity, or

  6. to enforce the payment of any outstanding amounts owed to us.

During registration you have the opportunity to consent to us sending you promotional offers. You may withdraw such consent at any time and request that we do not use your personal data for any promotional activities. Please contact service[at] to do so. All our emails with promotional content also contain an opt-out link that you can click in order to withdraw your consent.

By activating your epay card Prepaid Mastercard®, you allow us and any third party engaged by us for the purposes of identity verification and fraud prevention to make enquiries about you at identity services, database providers and anti-fraud networks and to process and store the results of these enquiries. If allowed by relevant legislation, we may share your data with service providers which we use to outsource administrative, data processing or data storing tasks.

We may also share personal data with other companies in our corporate group if this is necessary for the purposes listed above. We may share data if this is required by law, regulation or by order of a competent authority or court. We will not share your data without your consent with third parties for promotional or marketing purposes.

Your consent

When providing services to you, in particular payment services, it may be necessary to transmit your personal data to third parties outside the European Union where data protection legislation may not be equivalent to that of Germany or the United Kingdom. This is particularly relevant for the processing of your transactions by Mastercard® or the merchants where you use your card. By activating and using your epay card Prepaid Mastercard®, particularly when using it abroad or online on websites of service providers outside of the European Union, you consent to the processing of your data outside the European Union. Where possible, we will ensure that such processing is conducted by third parties which are contractually bound to adhere to our data processing standards or which are regulated by equivalent data processing standards.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to improve the usability of our website. Cookies are small data files which store information on your computer about your browsing history on our website and individual user settings. For a more detailed explanation of cookies, please see You can deactivate cookies on your computer or other device, however, you will then not be able to use certain functionalities of our website. We will set cookies with an appropriate expiry date, after which they will no longer be stored on your device.

Updating your data

As a registered user you can log into your user account with your username and password. After you have logged in, you can access your data in your user account. Please ensure that your data is always accurate and up to date. When you update personal data, you consent to us conducting necessary checks to ensure the accuracy of your data. By keeping your account data up to date you help us comply with regulatory requirements and to provide you with continued access to your account and use of your epay card Prepaid Mastercard®.

Security and data storage

We put in place the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of your data against unauthorised access, use and publication. All personal information is only transmitted using securely encrypted secure socket layer (SSL) connections. Your data is stored in accordance with applicable data retention legislation.

Access rights

You have the right to request from us the disclosure of all your personal data we process and also to make updates to such data. To make adisclosure request, you must write to us at service[at]

Changes to this data protection policy

We reserve the right to make necessary changes to this data protection policy at any time, in particular in order to comply with changes in legislation or to accommodate the use of new technologies in our products and services. Please visit our website in regular intervals to view the latest version. We will also notify you of any changes via email.

About us

Your epay card Prepaid Mastercard® is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd., with registered office at: Third Floor, Grainger Chambers, 3-5 Hood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE16JQ, United Kingdom. Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd. is authorised and regulated as an e-money issuer by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA register number 900051).

The epay card Prepaid Mastercard® programme is operated by HD CARD SERVICES Ltd, London, UK.

If you have any questions about this data protection policy or the way we collect, process and store personal data, or if you want to lodge a complaint, please contact us via email at support[at]