Prepaid cards then and now

October 22, 2017.

Future belongs to those people who continually adapt their practices according to the dynamic needs of the world. Technology has revolutionized every field in the world. The ideas that our forefathers would struggle to even dream about are now turning into realities. Mobile applications are now available for virtually any task in the world.

One such introduction that has taken the financial payments world by storm is the epay card Prepaid Mastercard. It is prepaid card for online and offline payments which allows customers to make transaction either through the internet, through their mobile app or even in person. This inception of the epay card Prepaid Mastercard means that the world of the prepaid card is not the same as it used to be before. This article will explain what the future holds for the prepaid cards and look at the new additions that the epay card Prepaid Mastercard brings to the fore.

The epay card Prepaid Mastercard differentiates itself from prepaid cards on two main fronts. Firstly, it gives unprecedented control to the customer over its expenses. Secondly, it allows a full customer autonomy as far as managing his/her account is concerned. Furthermore, it enables its users to have a strict consumer protection compared to traditional pre paid credit and debit cards. These features have made epay card on of the top prepaid cards in the world.

Universally Accessible


One of the biggest advantages of the epay card Prepaid Mastercard is that is accepted in almost every nook and corner of the world. The epay card Prepaid Mastercard is accepted at almost forty million places around the globe. It allows its users to shop without the fear of being rejected.

Mobile transactions


There is hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t use or own a Smartphone nowadays. This excessive ownership makes smart phones and tablets a suitable medium to carry out financial transactions. Accepting payments through these devices is one of the fastest and convenient methods to process credit card transactions. These payments can be made anywhere in the world where mobile service is available.

Electronic devices to make payments


Long gone are those days where heavy, bulky and hard wired card readers were used to read credit and debit cards. We now have small, lightweight card readers which can be plugged into a gadget or connected wirelessly. This allows a clerk or salesperson to use an epay card on the go, inside or outside his office.

Future Trends


The most visible trend amongst the users is that they are moving away from cash and credit cards are slowly taking over. The use of reloadable debit and credit cards is set to grow in the years to come, mainly due to their convenience to carry and pay. More consumers are willing to shop online compared to the past which means the use of prepaid cards will also increase. As technology gets more and more advanced, it is highly likely that day is not far off where customers will be able to just use their prepaid card and their phone instead of standing in line and waiting for the cashier.

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