How to use your epay card Prepaid Mastercard

October 15, 2017.

In today’s world, money is power. Being able to access money anywhere you like gives you the freedom and sense of security that you desire. This is where epay card Prepaid Mastercard comes in. It is a prepaid card that not only enables you to convert your already loaded credit into liquid money via ATMs, pay online while shopping but is also accepted in millions of stores throughout the globe. In short, with epay card Prepaid Mastercard in your hand, the world is your oyster, and the sky is the limit. It is, without doubt, the future of payment.

Epay card Prepaid Mastercard is efficient, effective and very easy to use. It is designed with high attention to details to be user-friendly and provides the best customer experience possible. This is why pay card is a force to be reckoned with and inline to feature at number one ranking in the list of the top prepaid cards. Following is the method to use your epay card Prepaid Mastercard;

Pay as you go credit card for online transactions


epay card Prepaid Mastercard has revolutionized the shopping experience for its customers. Never have shopping been this easy and enjoyable than with your prepaid card. While making online payments simply select the payment type as “Credit card”, enter your first and last name, followed by the 16-digit epay card number along with the expiry date. While typing the expiry date, mention the month first and then the year. The last thing that you will need to do to ensure payment is successful is to mention the CVC/CVC code. It is a three-digit code mentioned on the back of your epay card towards the right side of the signature field. Mentioning this three-digit code is compulsory. Hence, within minutes you can pay through your epay card Prepaid Mastercard and avail its extraordinary services.

A card for all you needs


For using the epay card Prepaid Mastercard in ATMs and shops; the process is pretty much the same. All you need to do is place your card in the ATM if you want to withdraw cash or in the card machine at the cash counter to pay for any service that you avail, be it a restaurant or a shopping center. After placing your card, you will have to enter your PIN and wait a few seconds for your payment to process. This is it. For an ATM, the process is similar to any other credit/debit card. You enter the PIN and go through the options to withdraw the amount of cash that you want.



It is advisable that you protect your PIN while entering it and do not share it with anyone. Also, keep your epay card in a secure place. However, you can, and you should cancel your card as soon as possible if you lose it. To view your balance, you can log into the customer portal at any time or activate the message service in the login-area at and remain up-to-date with your balance with each transaction that you make.

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