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The epay card is a prepaid card, which runs on credit basis. You can pay almost anywhere with your card where Mastercard is accepted. After activating and loading the card, you can pay worldwide – either online, in shops or at ATM’s.

The epay card is a prepaid card and differs from a regular credit card as it is based on credit which can be quickly and easily loaded onto the card. You can view your credit balance at any time in your customer portal, or you can receive SMS alert (charges applicable) for the respective transactions. This enables you to have complete account independence and full expense control.

The epay card offers you worldwide payment options. There are around 450,000 in Germany and around 35.9 million Mastercard acceptance points around the world, where you can pay almost anywhere with the card. In addition, thanks to the prepaid feature, you never lose track of your expenses, since payments are only possible if you have previously loaded the card. Your online shopping is even safer – you only pay the amount you want to spend.

The epay card costs only 29.95 Euro. There is no annual fee for the first and second year. From the third year onwards the annual fee is 7.95 Euro.

The card is valid until the end of the printed expiry date on the card.

To activate your card please go to www.epaycardsonline.com and enter your email address, password, the serial number of the card (the 16-digit serial number can be found on the back of the card), your first and last name (surname), your date of birth and your address. After confirmation of all data, an email will be sent to activate the card. After clicking on the link in the email, your card account will be created and your card activated.

You can block your card any time round the clock by calling our blocking hotline 0049 89 1250 9105 (charges applicable).

You can view your balance at any time in your customer portal, or your transaction details can be send via SMS (charges applicable). You can activate the SMS service at www.epaycardsonline.com.

There can be several reasons listed below why the card does not work:
A) Your card is damaged. Please contact Customer Support for a replacement card.
B) Your card has no more balance. Please go to www.epaycardonline.com to reload the card.
C) We blocked the card as per your instruction for security reasons. Please contact Customer Support to unblock the card.
D) The card has expired. Customers with identification level 2 (KYC level 2) are automatically send a follow-up card, but this is unfortunately not possible for customers with identification level 1 (KYC level 1).
E) The maximum load amount in identification level 1 (KYC level 1) has been reached. Please go to “Identification level” under “User profile” and follow the instructions for upgrading, so that your load limit becomes above 100.00 Euro per month
If none of these reasons apply, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Sometimes this email gets marked as spam, please have a look in your spam folder. If you can’t find it there, simply have it sent again.

This message occurs in case your email address is linked to an existing account. If it’s linked to your account and you simply forgot the password, please recover your password. If you just completed your registration, but never received your activation email, please resend it using www.epaycardsonline.com. If neither of these is the case or the spelling of your email address is wrong, then please get in touch with our Customer Support by sending us an email to service@epaycardonline.com.

After activation and loading, you can use your epay card almost anywhere where Mastercard credit cards are accepted, either online shopping or on the spot in the shop or at ATM’s.

The prerequisite is that your card has sufficient balance. Select “Credit card” as the payment type. Then enter your first and last name, the 16-digit credit card number and the expiry date (month / year). As a rule, you will be asked for the 3-digit so-called “CVV code” or “CVC code”. You will find this on the back of the card on the extreme right of the signature field. Then you will be able to make the payment.

No, you must not do that in any case. For Internet payments, please use the CVV / CVC code on the back of your card (last 3-digits on the extreme right of the signature field).

The CVV (Card Verification Value) or CVC (Card Verification Code) is the 3-digit card security code located on the back of the card (on the extreme right of the signature field). This security code is requested for online purchases during the payment process.

The prerequisite is that your card has sufficient balance. For the payment, simply place your card in the card machine/ payment terminal at the cashier. Afterwards you only have to enter your PIN in the payment terminal and the payment is processed. Please cover the terminal with the free hand, so that the PIN is protected against unauthorized third parties.

Each PIN is sent to you by SMS only. Before the SMS PIN is sent, you will receive a verification code, which you must enter at www.epaycardsonline.com to verify your mobile number.

Yes. You can change your PIN from our Customer Support. You will receive the new PIN via SMS.

You can request a new PIN via www.epaycardsonline.com under “User profile” or via customer support.

In general, the maximum load amount and the usage possibilities depend on your identification level (KYC Level 1 or KYC Level 2).
If you register without further identification (KYC Level 1), you can load your card with a maximum of 100.00 Euro per month. If you want a maximum load of up to 4,000.00 Euro per month, you must carry out an identification upgrade in which you fully identify yourself (KYC Level 2).
For further information on the upgrade of the individual identification levels and how to carry out your identification upgrade, please refer to the “User profile” menu.
You can load your card by bank transfer, SOFORTÜberweisung, by giropay or with the epay voucher load. Go to “Load” in your card account; where you will see all the loading options and the procedure.

No, the card cannot be loaded with cash.

Instant transfer SOFORTÜberweisung and giropay are online bank transfers, which ensure that your card is loaded immediately after the transfer is completed. You can select or opt these transfer types directly at www.epaycardsonline.com.

This depends on your chosen loading method. In case of immediate transfer, giropay and SOFORTÜberweisung and also the epay voucher load, the loading is immediately. For bank transfers, it depends on your respective bank when the load is credited to your card.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a regulatory requirement by law and requires the identification and verification of your identity (such as opening a bank account). There are 2 levels:
Identification level 1 (KYC Level 1): You can reach the identification level 1 by entering your email address, your password, the serial number of the card (the 16-digit serial number can be found on the back of the card), your first and last name (surname), your date of birth and your address. In this identification level, your card can be charged up to 100.00 Euro per month or 1200.00 Euro per year.
Identification Level 2 (KYC Level 2): You can verify yourself and have the identification level 2 via Video Ident from the service provider “IDnow” which fulfills all requirements of KYC Know your customer regulations and Anti Money Laundering act. After successful identification level 2 (KYC level 2), you can load your card with up to 4,000.00 Euro per month or 36,000.00 Euro per year. For further details, please refer to the terms and conditions at www.epaycardsonline.com
With the identification of money laundering regulations (KYC Level 2) in Germany, you can load your card more than 100.00 Euro per month and recharge more than 20.00 Euro per month via ATM transactions.
For further information, please refer to the terms and conditions at www.epaycardsonline.com
You need your passport or ID card for the identification process. The identification is carried out by means of an online video conference via smartphone or webcam (on the PC). You can start the conference in the user profile under “Identification level” by means of the button “Upgrade now”.
Afterwards, you are connected to an employee who identifies you by means of your passport or ID card and guides you through the process.