Award-winning banking software XPAY and epay card Prepaid Mastercard

October 8, 2017.

Presenting the epay card Prepaid Mastercard


When it comes to prepaid solutions, the European market leader is none other than Epay. XPAY and epay card is an award-winning, safe and flexible prepayment card powered by Epay. It is a solution that makes your spending easier and tracking more convenient.

The epay card will transform your shopping experience as it is managed on a prepaid basis and can be used worldwide, as in every corner of the world where Mastercard is accepted. Be it an online purchase, paying in shops or withdrawing cash from an ATM, Epay allows you to keep track of your spending through the prepaid feature, allowing you to spend only the amount you have topped up.

A Secure, embossed card with high quality


The card is classy and secure. Its high-quality finish comprises of embossed stamps but does not feature your name thus enabling you to pay while maintaining your anonymity. This is allowed for up to €100 a month, both online and offline. In case of a need to spend a higher amount, you identify yourself simply through video ID procedure and make your required transaction within minutes. It’s that easy.

One of the cheapest prepaid cards


The epay card Prepaid Mastercard is one of the best-prepaid cards with a onetime fee as low as €29.95 including no yearly fees in the first two years. An annual fee of €7.95 from the third year is the lowest in the market. It can also serve as your dedicated online prepaid card, compatible with every online website that supports Mastercard. The card is also cancellable instantly through a simple phone call, 24 hours a day.

Award-winning banking software that will change your life


The banking software XPAY further stacks up on this gift of convenience. It serves as a one-stop-shop for the payment card along with a variety of banking solutions. The solutions go hand in hand in a way that allows you to check your balance any time of need, via an online website, mobile optimized or even text message and in real time. This can be done before or after a transaction giving you account independence and full control over what and how you spend.

Prepaid Mastercard users can manage their accounts through one of the most advanced banking solutions with the possibility of customization to one’s own wish.

The banking software user interface is fast and extremely user-friendly, equipped with a variety of useful functions and widgets that will help you save time and effort. The various key functions will include account and user administrations, transaction management, integrated ticketing system as well as live transaction notification system. The software even works on all of your devices and will help you monitor transactions in real time.

How to get your epay card


Ordering epay card Prepaid Mastercard is simple and fast, with no advance payments, credit check or proof of income. The card can be ordered from Epay’s website. It can be activated and loaded online instantly. So don’t wait any longer, get a prepaid card now and avail the countless solutions offered to you by none other than Epay.

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